House Manager Report 
April 11, 2024

1. Client Statistics
We served 322 households in March, 575 adults and 485 children. This is 64 households fewer than we served in February. In March we had 82 new clients. We averaged 16 households a day in March and 18 households a day in February.

2. Volunteers
We have 51 regular volunteers.

3. Donation Status
Our most pressing current needs are:
 Small household appliances; microwaves, toasters, coffee pots, blenders, and fans  Blankets/comforters (all sizes)
 Bed sheets (all sizes)
 Towels and washcloths
 Athletic shoes, both men’s and women’s
 Can openers
 Children’s clothes sizes 2T and up
 Pajamas for men, women, and children
 Men’s jeans and athletic pants
 Underwear
 Vacuum cleaners

4. Business/Community Contacts
In April we are again joining the Prison Fellowship for Second Chance Month,
supporting the national effort to unlock brighter futures for over 70 million Americans - people who seek a chance to rebuild their lives after paying their debt to society. We will have several posts on our Facebook page.

5. Community Outreach
Wednesday, March 20 we had a group of twelve German teens here with Youth for Understanding volunteer with us. Youth for Understanding is an international teenage exchange program that sponsors teens from many countries for everything from stays of one or two weeks to a year. This group came to our area to do volunteer work.

Friday, April 5 we had three students from the Criminology and Criminal Justice Collective at University of Michigan-Dearborn volunteer with us. They are passionate about making positive changes in their neighborhood through initiatives related to community engagement and social justice.

6. Facility Status
On April 4th we had the Annual Fire Alarm inspection. There were no issues with our Fire Alarm.

The State of Michigan’s inspector came for what is supposed to be an annual elevator inspection on February 19th. Our elevator is out of compliance because it does not have an operational phone. The Kone service people assured us the elevator is in good shape otherwise.

7. Safety Issues

8. Incidents

9. Areas that need attention

10. Client Stories
A client told me how much she appreciates House by the Side of the Road, especially the pieces of fabrics available here. She loves to sew to relax and showed me beautiful table topper cloths she made from fabrics she got from us.

11. Overall Appearance and Organization
The store, sorting, and tagging areas are looking well.

Submitted by Gemaya Griffin, House Manager