House Manager Report

 June 17, 2022

1. Client Statistics

We served 297 families in May, 469 adults and 529 children. This is 52 families more than we served in April. In May we had 88 new clients. We averaged 14 families a day in May compared to an average of 12 families a day in April.

2. Virus impact

Since July 1st clients do not need an appointment to shop.
Since November 8th donors do not need an appointment to make donations.

3. Volunteers

We have 41 regular volunteers.  
This summer we have an intern through Summer Works. She will be writing all our volunteer job policies and procedures.
A couple of our high school volunteers are back for the summer.

4. Donation Status

Our current needs are:
Pots and pans
Tennis shoes, both men’s and women’s
Small household appliances; microwaves, toasters, coffee pots, blenders, fans
Can openers
Underwear preferably new, size small men’s and women’s
Pajamas; men’s, women’s, and children’s
Men’s jeans
King, queen, and twin sheets
King, queen, and twin blankets/comforters
Towels and washcloths
Vacuum cleaners

We are overwhelmed with children's clothing and will not accept donations size newborn through 5T until June 30. 

5. Business/Community Contacts

Ann Arbor First United Methodist Church had their Drop and Swap rummage sale recently and donated some of the leftover items to the House at the end of their sale.

6. Community Outreach

None this month.

7. Facility Status

The elevator is not certified by the State of Michigan. We reminded our landlord of this on April 25, 2022.  

8. Safety Issues


9. Incidents


10. Areas that need attention


11. Client Stories

One of our clients walked all the way from Battle Creek to Ann Arbor.  It took him 3 days. He was planning to walk all the way to Connecticut where his family lives but decided to stay in Ann Arbor and get a job. He is currently homeless.

12. Overall Appearance and Organization

The store area is looking well.

Submitted by Gemaya Griffin, House Manager