House Manager Report
March 8, 2022

1. Client Statistics
We served 183 families in February, 303 adults and 307 children. This is 49 fewer families than we served in January. We had 49 new clients in February. We averaged 9 families a day in February compared to 11 families in January.

2. Virus impact
Since July 1st clients do not need an appointment to shop.
Since November 8th donors do not need an appointment to make donations.

3. Volunteers
We have 29 regular volunteers. With some of our volunteers enjoying the warmer climates in the south and west, being out because of illnesses, or having finished their community service hours. We are a little low on volunteers.

4. Donation Status
Our current needs are:
Pots and pans
Tennis shoes, both men’s and women’s
Small household appliances; microwaves, toasters, coffee pots, blenders, fans
Can openers
Underwear preferably new, size small, men’s and women’s
Pajamas; men’s, women’s, and children’s
Men’s jeans
King, queen, and twin sheets
King, queen, and twin blankets/comforters
Towels and washcloths
Cleaning items; vacuum cleaners, mops, etc.

5. Business/Community Contacts


6. Community Outreach
The University of Michigan's Timmy Global Health, a student organization dedicated to empowering communities to improve local health outcomes, is making fleece blankets for us.

7. Facility Status
The leak by a mixing valve in the utility room has been fixed. The inspector of the new water heater noticed the electrical wire isn’t long enough. The landlord will fix this soon.
The elevator is not certified by the State of Michigan. We reminded our landlord of this on September 27th.

8. Safety Issues

9. Incidents
A client slipped on the ice outside after shopping. She seemed a little confused. We called 911. An ambulance came and took her to the hospital. She had a bad concussion, and luckily, no internal bleeding. We followed up with her a couple days later and she was doing fine.

10. Areas that need attention
We have made great improvements to our signage in the building but are not finished yet.

11. Client Stories
When Dawn, the client whose story is in our Annual Report, came in to proof read her story she decided to help in the linen room since our volunteer in charge of the linen room will be out for a couple of weeks because of a balance issue.
We had 3 Afghan mothers shopping with us, together with a friend who is in the US Air Force. The families are all staying in a hotel waiting for housing. One father was a policeman. Another was a translator for the US army. The kids are not in school yet. The oldest girl, who was helping the mothers, spoke a little English that her father is teaching her.

12. Overall Appearance and Organization
The store area is looking well.
Submitted by Gemaya Griffin, House Manager