​1. Client Statistics

House Manager Report

September 16, 2021

We served 170 families in August, 259 adults and 303 children. This is 20 families less than we served in July. The July number was high because on request of Buenos Vecinos, we stayed open till 6PM on Wednesday July 21st. They sent an email to the Latino community of Washtenaw county, and many came during the day. On that day we served 27 families.

In August we had 38 new clients. We averaged 8 families a day.

2. Virus impact

  Since July 1st clients do not need an appointment anymore to shop.

  Some of the volunteers requested that everyone wear a mask again, and

since mid-August we ask everyone to wear one.

  Since the weather has cooled down, we have opened all the windows on the

lower level. The windows on the top floor do not open.

  Donors must still make an appointment to drop off donations and have to

wait about two weeks for an appointment.

3. Volunteers

 We have 31 regular volunteers. The high school volunteers are no longer able to help us, but some of the regular volunteers are now back from their vacations and summers off.

4. Donation Status

Our current needs are:

  Pots and pans

  Silverware

  Men’s tennis shoes

  Small household appliances – microwaves, toasters, coffee pots, blenders,


  Can openers

  Pajamas – all sizes men, women and children

  Men’s jeans

  Men’s winter coats

  King, queen and twin sheets

  King, queen and twin blankets/comforters

  Towels and wash cloths

  Cleaning items – vacuum cleaners, mops, etc.

5. Business/Community Contacts

 On Friday September 10, we received a homemade air filter from Jim Russo from St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church. He was shopping with a client the day before and thought we could use it for the upstairs.


 The landlord is having football parking at our parking lot/yard. The building will stay closed. We are getting 50% of the net profit, but have not seen an official agreement about the arrangement.

6. Community Outreach


7. Facility Status

  The elevator is fixed!

  We have a new sign in the front yard.

  Jim, our handy man, has replaced all the light bulbs that weren’t working.

He has been a tremendous help with our move and many little things that needed fixing.

8. Safety Issues


9. Incidents


10. Areas that need attention

We have made great improvements to our signage in the building, but are not finished yet.

11. Client Stories

On Monday September 12, we had are first refugee family from Afghanistan. The father was a translator for the US military. They did not take a lot of clothes, and the volunteer who checked them out told them that they can come back sooner if the children want to wear more “American” clothes to fit in at school.

12. Overall Appearance and Organization

The place continues to look well.

Submitted by Gemaya Griffin, House Manager