House Manager Report

August 6, 2021

1. Client Statistics

We served 190 families in July, 303 adults and 278 children. This is 39 families more than we served in June. We had 51 new clients. We averaged 9 families a day.

2. Virus impact

  When the mask mandate was lifted we stopped requiring volunteers and clients to wear masks. Since July 1st clients do not need an appointment anymore to shop.

  Donors must still make an appointment to drop off donations and have to wait about one month for an appointment.

3. Volunteers

 We have 32 regular volunteers and 3 high school students.

4. Donation Status

Our current needs are:

  Pots and pans

  Silverware

  Men’s tennis shoes

  Small household appliances – microwaves, toasters, coffee pots, blenders,


  Can openers

  Girls & boys pajamas – sizes 6 and up

  Men’s and women’s pajamas

  King and queen sheets

  King and queen blankets/comforters

  Towels and wash cloths

  Cleaning items – brooms, toilet brushes, plungers, vacuum cleaners, mops,


5. Business/Community Contacts

 The United Methodist Women of Dixboro UMC brought us all their leftover household items after their rummage sale.

6. Community Outreach

  On request of Buenos Vecinos, we stayed open till 6PM on Wednesday July 21st. They sent an email to the Latino community of Washtenaw county, and many came during the day. On that day we served 27 families!

  On Wednesday July 28th, I held a presentation about the House by the Side of the Road at Dixboro UMC for their Senior Fellowship.

7. Facility Status

 The elevator started to make a grinding noise when it went up and was out of order for a couple of days. The elevator is leaking oil, but we can use it again now. They repair people will be pack to find and fix the leak soon.

8. Safety Issues


9. Incidents


10. Areas that need attention

We are working on our signage in the building, so clients can find the check in and check out counter easier and know what areas are restricted for them. This will also make it easier for the volunteers where to put the donated items.

11. Client Stories

A client came in a couple of weeks after he shopped with us. At his last shopping trip he took a bouquet of flowers home for his girlfriend. His girlfriend was so happy and pleased with his gesture, that he came back just to see if we had flowers again, because he couldn’t afford to buy them himself. (Our flowers are donated by Trader Joe).

12. Overall Appearance and Organization

The place continues to look well.

Submitted by Gemaya Griffin, House Manager