House Manager Report
January 12, 2022

We served 197 families in December, 313 adults and 311 children. This is 81 families fewer than we served in November, but we were closed the last 2 weeks of December. We had 50 new clients. We averaged 15 families a day compared to an average of 14 families a day in November.

2. Virus impact
Since July 1st clients do not need an appointment to shop.
Since November 8th donors do not need an appointment to make donations.

3. Volunteers
We have 36 regular volunteers.

4. Donation Status
Our current needs are:
Pots and pans
Tennis shoes, both men’s and women’s
Small household appliances; microwaves, toasters, coffee pots, blenders, fans
Can openers
Underwear preferably new
White sport socks
Pajamas; men’s, women’s, and children’s
Men’s jeans
Men’s and children’s winter coats
King, queen, and twin sheets
King, queen, and twin blankets/comforters
Towels and washcloths
Cleaning items; vacuum cleaners, mops, etc.

5. Business/Community Contacts
The House was the Holiday Charity for Integrated DNA Technologies.

6. Community Outreach

7. Facility Status
The men’s coat rack broke and came loose from the wall, because we put too many heavy winter coats on them. A volunteer replaced the rack.
The elevator is not certified by the State of Michigan. We reminded our landlord of this on September 27th.

8. Safety Issues

9. Incidents

10. Areas that need attention
We have made great improvements to our signage in the building but are not finished yet.

11. Client Stories
One client, who is a veteran, came in early and was looking for a winter coat and sweater. He just went through chemotherapy because of leukemia. Because of the chemo his weight fluctuated and he needed some clothes to fit him now.

12. Overall Appearance and Organization
The store area is looking well. The tagging room is still overloaded with large clothes donations that have come in recently. We also received a lot of toys during the month of December and couldn’t put them all out due to lack of space in the kid’s toy room.

Submitted by Gemaya Griffin, House Manager