House Manager's Report
March 11, 2018

1. Client Statistics – For the months of January & February 2018, we served 415 families (units). This is a total of 1,146 adults and children served in these 2 months. Of the 415 families served, 133 were first-time clients. 58% from Ypsilanti, 35% from Ann Arbor, 7% from other nearby towns.

2. Saturdays – We had a very successful open Saturday on March 3rd. We had 7 clients – more than we have ever had on a Saturday. We had 13 volunteers.  The volunteers did a thorough cleaning of the facility (bathrooms, counters, and floors).

3. Volunteers –Michigan STEM decided they were not able to help us at the times we are open. The U of M fraternity (Alpha Phi Omega) continues to send 2-5 volunteers a week. I have taken pictures of all of our current volunteers and posted the pictures on our bulletin board in the lunch room.This is helping the volunteers to get to know one another. We have 32 regular volunteers and 2 on call. Five of the volunteers are new this year. Almost everyone who has been sick this winter has recovered and returned! One volunteer retired permanently.

4. Donation Status –  What we need: new socks and underwear for men, women, and children; pots and pans. The hotels donated lots of towels and sheets this past month. Currently we are well-stocked with these items!

5. Business/Community Contacts – We received winter coats from Boy Scout Troop 7 in Ann Arbor. Northstar Bank donated scarves, mittens, and lip balm – a Christmas collection from clients.

6. Community Outreach –  On February 12th, Flossie and I attended an “open house” at Ann Arbor Community Pre-school on Boardwalk. This helped us raise awareness with potential clients.
7. Facility Status –  We would STILL like to have some sort of awning over the back dock. This would permit people to leave donations when we are not there. It might also lessen the amount of snow that accumulates when we are not there. The landlord has agreed to install a peephole in the back door. The snowplowing has improved in the last month (after several complaints)

8. Safety Issues – See note above about the installation of a peephole in the back door.

9. Areas that need attention – (no change) 

  • Document detailed procedures
  • Do more complete training of volunteers when they start

10.  Client Stories –  None at this time

11. Overall Appearance and Organization – Everything continues to run smoothly.  

12. Computer plans – We are still waiting for a software package to allow us to enter client information directly into the computer.

13. Issues – Language barriers – Spanish and Arabic are the 2 most common languages we need help with. We have one client who has offered to help with translation over the phone. Jean Bush-Bacelis is following up on a program that will do live translating.