​The House's volunteers with a group of Eastern Michigan
University students

Our Board

Roberta King, Chair

Barbara Knapp, Vice Chair

Jean Bush-Bacelis, Acting Secretary
Mary Danforth, Treasurer

Lolita Cummings Carson

Laurie LeBouef

Henry McQueen

Roger Vance

​Group of the House's volunteers

Our Volunteers

​Working hard, sorting clothes for our clients to pick out

Our wonderful group of volunteers are recruited from all across Washtenaw County, some have even been with us since we opened in 1970. Volunteers receive, sort and display thousands of donations all for our Clients to come and pick out. We are in constant need of volunteers, and have regular house five days a week.

Would you like to serve? Come visit us!

House by The Side of the Road is an organization that started in Washtenaw County in 1970 as a partnership between the Washtenaw County Board of Commissioners and various churches in the area. The organization was funded by Washtenaw County originally, but over time the county was unable to continue funding which put the House in charge of procuring our own funds. The House first opened in Ypsilanti, but has moved several times over the years, and is currently located on State Street in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Our History

"Helping our neighbors since 1970"

​Sorting out Winter and Summer clothes, changing our clothes with the seasons